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Origin Quests
« on: July 02, 2009, 12:47:50 PM »
"My family was murdered, and this life is all i have left"

"I saw the child torn apart before my very eyes, and from that day swore to oppose such evil"

"I have shamed my family, and need a way to prove myself once again"

"I accidentally trod on a duck, now i feel bad. I'm on a quest for redemption."


The first time you make a character, the NPC introductions are fresh and exciting. But as your characters come and go and you start seeing the scrollbar in your character vault, we find ourselves a little Jaded by the same conversations with Christopher and Brius, followed by fighting the badgers and bats for a few levels.

So! I've decided to trial a new series of short quests that you can really kick-start a character's life with. I call them Origin Quests, In which you can begin your character's story from before they find themselves in the Neverwinter wood, and play through their first level or two with a little touch of individuality.

If you wish to run an origin quest, I'll need the following Information, and anything else you think you want to include.

Applications should involve:

1 - General idea of your character. Name, Race, class, quirks, personality description.

2 - An idea of where and what is happening. Are you a Neverwinter Citizen? Are you from a Nearby village that gets pillaged? Perhaps as far as Calimshan, and a tale of treason and plot?

3 - Any particular information that you would like included in the quest. Family members, friends, enemies, etc. Or if you would prefer the DM to totally control things. (But try not to give the DM too much of a workload.)

4 - The mood of the quest. Do you want things to be grim and dark? Proud and heroic? Morally challenging? Even comical?

5 - Is there another character you want involved in this story? Is PlayerBobby101's blackguard your arch nemesis who burned your village? Is PlayerFreddy117's Paladin the one who gives you comfort and inspiration in your darkest hour? (Agree with that player on this beforehand. Involvement must be consentual)

6 - Is this to have ongoing events throughout the character's lifetime? Will the black knight who ate your baby sister return? Be warned, there are times when DMs are unavailable, so don't become too reliant on their immediate attention in those times.

If these origin quests are a lot of fun and aren't too much trouble, this might just become a long term thing! So lets see how things go, hm?  :)
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Re: Origin Quests
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2011, 06:40:44 AM »
I have sent a PM for my application to an Origin Quest!

Player: ThayanKnightZephris
Character: Yselias (EE-seh-lee-ah) Eriskygal (Air-is-kee-gawl) [har... elven names! Or just odd ones... >.>)
Class: Rogue(2)
Theme: Gritty Dark (Athkatla/Baldur's Gate)



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