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Deathcalm the Enigmatic
« on: May 31, 2017, 03:34:20 PM »

So for years now, I've wondered about Deathcalm the Loved.  What's with that goofy name?  Who is he?  Whence did he come?  Seriously, what's with that goofy name?

Then I finally thought to Google the name.  Who thought up that name?  Is it canonical, or is it homebrew?

It's canonical, all right.  So is Galvendo.

It's great to see that the creative team behind Legacy of the North incorporated as much canon into the server world as they could, but this tidbit about Deathcalm's identity begs more questions, foremost of which being "Why did Deathcalm go from being a human woman Cleric in canon to a halfling man Whatever He Is in this server world?  Why was this changed?  Was it creative license?  Is it Sakes' fault?"

But whether Deathcalm the Loved is a hin dude or a human woman, it's still a funky name.  But at least having Deathcalm being a loving wife who follows Galvendo around and fixes his mistakes does give the name a bit of sense.  ;)


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