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Loviatar Temple Razed in Neverwinter City
« on: August 15, 2015, 06:11:39 AM »
The following is an article submitted for publication in the Llast Word.


Citizens of Neverwinter awoke this early morning to the booming voice of an angel, descended into the city from the massive Tyrran army that awaited south of her walls. Announcing his intentions to eradicate a force of evil within the Jewel of the North, the celestial being flew to the Blacklake district and began to destroy the House of Pleasure and Pain, a popular yet controversial place of sanctioned Loviatar worship. Although the temple's head priestess Olya attempted to defend the temple, the summoning of devils forced several guardsmen and adventurers to intervene. Ultimately, the building was destroyed.

The House of Pleasure and Pain was a controversial business that had been approved several years prior. Although the business has drawn criticism for fostering worship to Loviatar, the location of the temple incited far more anger. Despite petitions to Castle Never, the building remained in place for several more years until its recent destruction.

Although many rumours are circulating about the event, the heated debate has also sprung up over allowing such a temple in the city once more among the nobility. While many folk are happy to see the work of the divine striking away corruption from the city, some have argued that such an outsider should not force its influence into the mortal realm over a bathhouse.

Soon after the destruction of the building, the great army that stood outside of Neverwinter marched away and disbanded.
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