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Llast Word - Prosperity in the North
« on: July 25, 2012, 12:01:44 PM »
Less than half a year has passed since the devastating destruction of Neverwinter's core trading district brought the Jewel of the North to its knees.  With the help of the Lords Alliance and unexpected aid from Luskan the city has been rebuilt and shines even brighter than before. Many 'For Sale' signs hang from newly constructed apartments and is a stark reminder of just how many citizens were lost in the blast.

Stronger relationships with those who brought us aid in that dire time have caused a boom of prosperity as merchants and traders have flocked to the city to forge new trade agreements. With the last frosts of winter behind us many citizens are taking the springtime meaning of new life and renewal in a literal sense. But not all signs promise a long spring and deepening summer of carefree prosperity as our lord and his council convene behind closed doors to discuss how our city will pay off it's debt to the lords alliance.

With the number of watchmen severely reduced from the midwinter Furies attack citizens are fearful Neverwinter will choose to reduce the budget for city defense.
"Yes, well we can trust those blundering idiots to make one stupid choice after the other can't we? Mmm.. I have more than a few things to say about those pompous fools . Are you really a gnome reporter? Shouldn't you be designing a new way to clean up one of your failed experiments in a dinghy overly-small den somewhere? What do you mean you're already standing in a... Get out of my shop!" said Sand, a merchant In a dreary corner of the docks district.

Defense cuts are looking a likely decision by the city as crime has fallen in recent weeks. Officials claim crime is at an all-time lower because we are funding the city watch sufficiently and to lower it would mitigate any headway the watch has made in the wake of the destruction and war with the furies.

Other suggested cost cuts include a rise in docking tariffs, which may lower trade as ships choose to dock in port last instead. What citizens fear most is a rise in taxes, having only recently been reduced to levels seen only before the burning of Roid.

Whatever the case the council will be pinching pennies in order to find enough coin to repay the massive debt to the lords alliance, or we could be faced to strike a deal on which large yields of trade goods are shipped off in lieu of insufficient payment.

Patrolling watchmen on the east roads have received complaints from farmers that livestock are being stolen from their pastures in the dead of night. One farmer has reported several of his cows were slaughtered in a single evening as if a herd of predators had feasted upon the creatures.

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Re: Llast Word - Prosperity in the North
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2012, 12:29:40 PM »

Today a group of adventurers threatened unionization over what they claimed was unfair treatment.  Citing numerous health and safety violations and lack of sufficient pay.  "I just finished clearing out a basement of a rat population and saw a bag.  First off, the bag was locked.  Don't ask me how, but it was.  So I tried bashing the lock but my strength was low and I was using a club so there was only a 1 in 6 chance of doing any damage to it at all! Then when I finally broke it open and went to loot it, there was an acid trap!  I burned off half my face and nearly died.  When I came to it had an coconut inside I had to spent 100 gold to identify!"

Adventurers also cited the hazards and low pay of courier jobs. "I had to deliver a box that weighs 50 lbs to some halfling, and no one had any idea where he lived! I figured it wasn't worth it but when I tried to drop the box I couldn't!  I spent a month having to lug this thing around and when I finally found him, you know what I got? 120 gold! I could have killed some badgers!" Another had this to say "People think it's all slaying dragons and saving the realms from your evil twin after you recover from your amnesia, but the fact is very few adventurers live that life.  Most of us struggle to make ends meet!"

The Neverwinter council had planned to meet the adventurers to discuss their grievances however they were all killed by a giant crab on the way to the city.
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Re: Llast Word - Prosperity in the North
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2012, 12:45:13 PM »
Rangers patrolling the woods have come back with reports that animals on the outer fringes have become more aggressive and daring when their territory is approached.  All the animals seem to be affected, but what may be causing this issue, if anything, seems to be unknown at this time. 

One ranger nearly lost his arm to a wolf, and returned to camp later in an attempt to sue Brius because he claimed he "owned" the woods.  He was subsequently chased off by a chicken and a cow.  The chicken and cow declined to comment on their actions after they were recaptured and returned to their pen.


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