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Into ruins
« on: April 23, 2012, 02:13:40 AM »
Into ruins

A carefree elf exits Roys Rolls in Neverwinter, turning to her friend with a grin on her lips before biting into a Pixie Roll.  Searching for coin, instead she palmed a small disc, earlier buried deep and forgotten into her pocket but unearthed when paying for her sweet pastries.  

Returning it, the disc slips through her fingers.  It bounces over the cobblestones and into the passage of a travelling carriage.  The wheel of the carriage collides with the object and sends it flying.  The disc hits the leg of a town crier, who yelps and rubs his bruised leg.  He kicks away the offending 'stone' and it rattles away into an alley.  A crow tilts its head, its beady black eyes glimpsing a shiny object in the alley, and swoops down to retrieve it.  Prize in its mouth, the crow flies over to a metal balcony, cawing in victory.

A woman waves a towel out of her balcony window screaming "SHOO! Ned we've got to do something about these birds.  There's sh......" -the crow flaps away in panic, dropping the treasure in its haste.  It bounces on the cobblestones once and twice before rolling to a stop.  A tiny grubby hand seizes the disc and holds it aloft.  Innocent blue eyes examine each metal rune facing in wonder.  The boy aimlessly wanders through the throngs of people in the midday sun, head bent over his new possession.  He stops as his fingers compress a rune on the multicolored disc, and having discovered the answer to this object's riddle, he similarly compresses the other three rune facings.

A dark shadow looms over the boys head.  He looks up, wondering what large cloud could block out the sun so completely.  A fiery orb was what his eyes held, looping ominously ever downward in a spiral.  His ears roared with the sound of its approach.  Not even the screams of the scattering people could be heard over it.  And then, in a blink, he was no more.


Neverwinter has been struck by a devastating attack.  The Lord's Alliance has been called, Lord Orrik fearing Luskan has once more reignited war with the city.  Aid has been requested of anyone willing to lend a hand, whether it be tending to the wounded, offering lodging for the displaced residents, or recovering and burying the fallen.  Entrance to Castle grounds and Blacklake will be by written permission only until further notice.  Lord Orrik warns citizens to resist retaliation against anyone until more information is known about the attack.
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