Author Topic: Neverwinter accepts help from Lords Alliance and Luskan  (Read 7693 times)


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Neverwinter accepts help from Lords Alliance and Luskan
« on: April 26, 2012, 09:53:25 AM »
Neverwinter accepts help from Lords Alliance and Luskan

Citizens of Neverwinter opened their shutters this morning to a welcome sight. Wagons of stone and lumber were being wheeled in from North, South and Eastern gates with a trail of soldiers who had traded their weapons for construction hammers.  The sound of saws being dragged across wooden logs and hammer against stone gave new hope for those whos homes and livelihoods were destroyed recently.  The workers claimed they had arrived from Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Sundabar and even Luskan.

By mid afternoon on the second day long shadows had been cast across the cobblestones from the towering scaffolding. Small gatherings of men and women huddled over architectural maps and shouted orders to those on the ground and up high on the timber and stonework.  There was only one strange occurrence that was giving the architectures grief: A huge tree, glowing a luminous green at night, had taken root at some point after the blast and grown at a feverish pace to now tower over even the tallest buildings and scaffolding.

Mages from the Many-starred Cloaktower have examined the tree and confirmed today the tree must have somehow absorbed the remnants of magic from the destructive blast that levelled the city.  No one person is certain what kind of tree it might be but some botanists say the tree has a link to the Lumenous Sheok tree which originates from the The Night Trees and Cold Wood.  Theories suggest a soldier from Sundabar or Silverymoon might have trekked a seed to the city on the bottom side of his boot and dislodged it on the cobblestones.


Lord Orrik Bradley has encouraged citizens to focus on rebuilding their Jewel of the North, and has assured the city is safe from further damages.  Homes will be reconstructed as soon as possible and families re-homed.  Officially, the destruction of the city core has been labelled  an unfortunate accident, with no party held accountable.  Access to Blacklake and castle grounds has been restored.
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