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General Discussion / My yearly (ish) Hello!
« on: March 20, 2015, 08:57:30 AM »
Hey guys!

So it's been a while since I said hi and gave an update.

I'm in Hawaii now. Yeah yeah yeah I know how awesome is that. It's not. Really. Don't ever live here, it sucks giant gelatinous balls.

In other news, OCC finally succeeded in knocking me up! I'm having a girl, I'm due in August. I'm super excited to be a momma again. The kidlet is good. Big kid now, he's 9 and in third grade. OCC is still in navy and we're doing well. I'm currently playing Wildstar and I love it so very much.

Just wanted to pop in, say hi and let y'all know I'm thinking about you. <3

Hald- If you still read the forums, shoot me a message at my email which I hope you still have. I have lost yours >_< If not check your PMs and I will have it there just in case.

General Discussion / ohai
« on: September 28, 2012, 02:42:51 AM »
Just poking in for my yearly hello!

I'm in California now. ^_^

Player's Corner / Indefenite Leave
« on: November 14, 2008, 01:07:28 PM »
As most of you know I haven't been on LoTN in a long long long time. I figured I would make it official and pointedly state that I am taking a leave of absence from the server. Some of you might remember last year I took a leave and came back around this time. I can honestly say I don't know when I'll be back, but it probably won't be anytime soon.

There are several reasons why. Yes a new game currently has my attention. I mean c'mon I play a superhero...where powerbuilds are kick ass and expected. Another reasons won't be stated further than people I don't like, never liked and refuse to the point of being stubborn to get along with, returned. No Oscar, you aren't the only one. Sorry. Just kidding. There are other reasons but mostly trivial stuff, like getting bored with my characters. Yes, every single one of them is boring and plain.

I apologize for leaving loose ends with some of the storylines, however one day they will be finished! I promise. I'll be turning in any building projects to be finished by another. I believe I only have one thing that I was working on. I will leave a list in the build forum what needs to be sorted.

I'm not going to check the forums much anymore. But I'll be in Vent almost nightly. Hopefully, I'll be coming back to the server ready for some RP. Until then, it's City of Heroes.

Story Board / What I've Done
« on: October 09, 2008, 10:05:42 PM »
((This is a story I never had the chance to finish but still felt the need to post... months and months later))

“In this farewell
There’s no blood
There’s no Alibi
‘Cause I’ve Drawn Regret
From the truth
Of a Thousand Lies”

I stared down at what was once my sister's gravestone. My eyes unable to comprehend what they saw. Chiseled into the hard granite slab was my own name. Genevieve Mordrine. Just reading the stone sent chills up my spine.

Quietly I shifted into a form I was hardly familiar with. That of a kestrel. The only thing that make me stand out more than normal kestrel is the pink band around my neck. I had work to do now. People had lost faith in me, not that they had much in the first place.

Thradra had been with her children, Maxine and Mal. It felt like forever since the last time I seen her. I missed her terribly. She had no clue of my betrayal to my family. I could only imagine her reaction. Rather than being brave and smart, I was stupid and cowardly. I wrote her a long letter telling her what I had done, hoping my sweet words that were intermingled would more than make up for it. Wishful thinking.

As I flew towards the Harper camp, I seen her with Max and Mal. They were laughing and smiling. None of them wore hoods or masks to cover their faces. It made my heart soar to see her face lit up with sunshine and not shrouded with a mask. Here people accepted her, here they didn't care that she was a drow. Something I wish the rest of the world could see.

I hovered around the three of them for a moment, clutching a letter in my talons. Mal looked up curiously at me but it was Maxine who pointed me out.

“Look momma,” Maxine said as she pointed to me. Thradra turned her eyes to gaze at me, a look of confusion and curiosity creased her brow. “She has a letter.”

“I see it,” Thradra said taking the letter from my talons. For a brief moment, my feathers touched her fingers, sending a shiver through me. I lifted off again and let out a mournful cry, knowing soon  I would shatter her happiness.

“What's it say momma?” Mal asked excitedly. He was curious about everything always and full of questions. “Can you read it to us? Who's it from?”

“It's from Genevieve,” She told them as her eyes scanned over the letter then closed it again. “Maxine, please take your brother inside and get him washed for supper.”

“Is everything alright momma?” Max asked her with a bit of worry coming to her young face.

“Yes” Thradra lied, “Everything is fine.”

The wind lifted me higher and higher, I could see Thradra reopen the letter, her hand going to her mouth as Max lead Mal off. She sank to her knees and read it over and over. It pained me to see such nice day spoiled by my letter, but she had to know.

“So let Mercy Come
And Wash Away
What I’ve Done”

My next trip was to Neverwinter docks district. My sister was holed up in the Everlasting Flagon. She hadn't been the same since she came back from the grave. The very grave that read my name now. Ariadne was more reclusive than ever. She hardly spent any time with her family, thankfully she wasn't there the day her house burned down. When I told her about it, she questioned that no one was hurt and looked at me with eye that cried mourning. Ariadne then told me that it was only a house and Ashan would rebuild them a new one.

On this particular afternoon, she was sitting in the window. I pecked at the glass and she opened it for me. Ariadne had a special bond with animals, she always had some animal near her. Not me. I was always fascinated by cities, they scared me and thrilled me much more than the forest did. Ariadne spoke to me in the words of my shape.

“Killy, killy killy, Klee klee..” She whispered. My only response was to shimmer into my natural form. Ariadne didn't even gasp when I did this. Nothing came as a shock to her. “Genevieve. Hello.”

“Ariadne,” I said calmly.

Studying my sister, I noticed she had lost a lot of weight, her eyes were sunk in and haunted looking. Gone was the youthful appearance and sun kissed cheeks. There was something wrong with her. Only I didn't know what. I couldn't even rule out resurrection sickness. I was warned that Ariadne may be different, yet I didn't care. I brought her back in hope to please Ashan.

“Why are you here?” She asked me quite bluntly. “You never come to see me.”

“Perhaps I should change that. What makes you think I am here for a reason?”

“Gen...”She started as I interrupted.

“Okay okay,” I said defensively. “I come to tell you something important. I want you to sit down first. For once in my life I might actually shock you.”

Ariadne furrowed her brow at me and slide into plush chair. Deep red printed fabric with gold stitching. She looked out of place sitting in that chair, her hands folded in her lap. I casually leaned against the door, crossing my legs at the ankles and putting my hands behind my back.

“Ariadne, I know we haven't always been the closest of sisters,” I said to her, prolonging the inevitable. She had a habit of wringing her hands when something set her nerves to edge. Ariadne was doing just that as she waited for me to continue. “I've done something that will drive the stake even deeper between us.”

Her brow furrowed a bit. I sighed heavily. I knew this was going to tear her apart inside. Once again I was the rain on someones parade. My heart was heavy in my chest as I fell to my thoughts, pausing for only on a moment.

"I'll face myself
To cross out what I’ve become
Erase myself
And let go of what I’ve done"

“Genevieve?” Ariadne said pulling me from my thoughts.

I stared at her in confusion for a moment before I remembered why I was there, and what it was that I needed to tell her. I felt in my heart that she wasn't going to be kind to me. I dreaded the words that she would utter after I said my peace.

“I...” I started as the word got caught in my throat. “I hired someone. My dear sister, I didn't want him to take you away from me. You have to understand that. He was going to move you far away from here, from me, after I've only just gotten to know you all over again and be apart of your family. Please understand that I hired this man to take Ashan from you so that you would come running to me when he was dead.”

The words poured from my mouth like water into a glass, I couldn't stop once I started. I had to tell her everything and I did. She rose from the chair with her eyes filled with fear and rage.

“You did what?!” Ariadne screamed at me. “Let me get this straight. You hired a man to kill my husband to keep him from moving us away from Port Llast. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?!”

I stood there taking all she could rant at me and more. Her hand lashed out connecting with my cheek, leaving a hand print and the sound of the slap ringing in my ears. I deserved it. She screamed at me and told me how useless I was, letting out years of anger and frustration.

“You should have left me dead!” Ariadne raged. “Then I wouldn't be here, and dealing with this, with you. Restoring me back to a family that barely knows me, and children who call me momma yet I feel nothing for them. Memories come back yet they don't feel like they are mine. You ungrateful, selfish bitch! Get out of my sight. I never want to see you again! You are no long my sister.”

No longer my sister. Ariadne's words rang in my mind, aching my heart to point of breaking. My lip quivered as she spoke the words I dreaded hearing. My sister, my only flesh and blood who still lived, was disowning me. Ariadne refused to see my points as to why I did it. Now that I think back on it, I was selfish and stupid. I knew that once word got out of my deceit, one by one they would turn their backs on me. Perhaps it would be better that way.

“Put to rest
What you Thought of Me
While I clean this Slate
With the Hands of Uncertainty”

After Ariadne had spoke I climbed to the ledge of the window and jumped out. I had only seconds to shift into a kestrel again. The ground came up close as I spread my wings and climbed my way back up to the blue sky. Why was it so damn nice today, why couldn't it be cloudy to fit my souring mood? I thought bitterly to myself. I could see the tree line of the forest of shadows.

It was that very forest that my sister's life had been taken in. The whole reason why she didn't spend as much time there as she used to. I glided my way towards those woods, unable to look back but feeling Ariadne's hateful glare as she watched me. I thought that if my heart got any heavier, I would fall from the sky. My eyes were momentarily distracted by a rat scurrying across the alley. Resisting the urge to fly down for a thrill kill and quick meal, I focused my mind on getting to the forest. Sounds all around me filled my would be ears with noises that seemed like I was walking down the street. I could see people clearly, even the smallest insect crawling across the cobbles of Neverwinter City.

I let out a long whine, several people looked in my direction, “oohing” and “ahhing” over my appearance. I cried all the tears I couldn't physically in this form. I allowed my anger and sadness to be echoed through the lands in the form of long cries. My entire world was coming apart at the seams and no one would be there to patch me up again. It was agony when I had told Valas and Kyrinna what I had done.

“I hired Lucian to kill Ashan.” A great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I finally told someone, though I soon learned that perhaps a sparrow would have been a better choice for the sparrow wouldn't judge you harshly.

The look of shock on their face one could call priceless, but such wasn't the case as it was closely followed by a look of sheer and total disappointment. Valas had lost all respect for me at that point. I could see it in his eyes. It was almost as if he dared me to tell him that I knew that Ashan was dead.

Kyrinna was shocked, her mouth was agape as she stared at me. My head was down but I still could see it.

“Hope it's not too late,” She told me. “Perhaps it's not too late to take back the contract.”

I felt it in my heart that it had been carried through. I felt the world shudder when the man I knew as my brother in law had fallen. I couldn't breathe, couldn't speak. I dared to steal a gaze at Valas, his eyes betrayed him. Even with the years he spent in the Underdark, I was able to read those eyes like a book. Kyrinna had helped to soften him other wise I wouldn't have been able to read them so clearly. They spoke volumes of disgust and anger. There was no pity or sympathy in his eyes for me. He wouldn't forgive me.

I flew towards the woods, hoping to seek solace and mourn my own undoing. Fate had another plan for me. Two more people I needed to tell farewell to. I knew they would be in camp. Landing on the plateau that overlooked the campsite, I shimmered into my human form and sat on the edge looking down. I could see the inky smoke from the many fires that lit the small settlement.

I quickly scribbled the letter to them on a sheet of parchment and rolled it up. I then shimmered back to the pink banded kestrel, picking up the letter in my talons as I took off. As I made my descent, I seen that those who spoke were now gone. It would be much easier to do this without a crowd of curious onlookers.

“So let Mercy Come
And Wash Away
What I’ve Done”

I seen the two of them sitting together in camp. Their hands close, but not touching. They had told Thradra and I about them becoming lovers. I had already known, Valas had shown emotion for her several times we traveled together. They were quiet with the conversation. I had another letter in my beak, and silently without so much as a shudder of my wings, I landed and watch the two lovers momentarily.

It was Valas and Kyrinna that I had originally confessed to. Telling them of my betrayal and proving that I wasn't as trustworthy as they thought I was.

Valas told Kyrinna more of his time spent in the Underdark. I was invited to listen as well. Once he recanted his story, told us of his sacrifice, and the lesson to be learned from it. That eventually everyone broke. I felt the sense of guilt overwhelm me. I had to tell someone, I had to clear my conscious just as Valas had his. Time and time again the somber man with a new found dry sense of humor had given me more reason to respect him.

Truth was I broke, I gave into the hatred I held for my brother in law. I wanted him dead. But once I heard Valas' story, I hated myself. It was then I told Valas, that I forgave him for what he did. I had a glimmer of hope that after what he had been through, he would be as forgiving with me.

Such wasn't the case. I seen the disappointment in his and Kyrinna's faces. It was a look I was familiar with, growing up in my sister's shadow. I've seen that look frequently. Neither of them though that I was capable of such an act.

I knew it would take time to regain what I had lost, which was Valas' respect. In all honesty, he has been the only man to show me any respect and not judge me on appearance alone. Losing it... I'd rather face death. I had lost my sister, I didn't want to lose my friends as well.

I swooped down and dropped the letter gracefully on Kyrinna's lap and lifted myself into the air again perching on a branch. The surprised look on both their faces would normally bring me amusement, but there was no need for amusing thoughts. Both of them leaned close and read the letter.

Valas didn't have much to say about the letter, he held no sympathy for me and I didn't want it. His stoic expression remained on his face. I knew that he and Kyrinna didn't recognize me in the kestrel form and just assumed I was another messenger bird. Kyrinna's face took on a nearly heartbroken expression. She was like a mother to me, I cared a great deal for the two of them.

“It's not as bad as she thinks...” I heard her say softly to Valas, who arched a brow in question.

I didn't stay around after that and climbed my way past the canopy of the trees. The sun was setting in the west, my wings began to ache as I flew faster and faster wanting to get away from the Neverwinter Woods. I flew on and on, nearly to Mirabar, the icy winds nipped my feathers and caused me to ache even more. Falling from the heavens, I lost consciousness and don't remember hitting the ground, nor the dwarven miner who found me several hours later.

“I'll face myself
To Cross out what I’ve Become
Erase Myself
And let Go of What I’ve done”

Lyrics: What I've done by Linkin Park

Information / Out of Character Library
« on: August 10, 2008, 09:14:09 PM »
A while ago I was given the task of setting up the OOC library. Now that I have finally sorted out what is staying and what's going... I find myself needing more information.

Here is a list of Deities that need information.  If anyone is willing to do one or a few please send me a PM and let me know so that I can cross it off the list.

All of the books have the same layout, for consistency reasons I'd like to keep like so;

Submitted by: (Your Name)


[information on subject]


Any references: ie Websites, DND/FR books and who the author is

Organizations that need information

The Merciful Blade
The Neverwinter Circle
The Jaded Kryss (Bubble)
The Jade Fang
The Crimson Pretorian


Everything except Paladin and Sahdow Dancer


Halflings in general
          - I have subracial information on Ghostwise, Lightfoot and Strongheart Halflings.

Please do not send anything that involves elves. I have enough information for them and Drow.


    * Ao: Overgod
    * Akadi:
    * Grumbar:
    * Istishia
    * Mystra
    * Oghma
    * Shar
    * Silvanus
    * Sune
    * Talos
    * Tempus
    * Tyr
    * Ubtao

Intermediate deities

    * Lolth
    * Mask
    * Beshaba
    * Ilmater
    * Mielikki
    * Selûne
    * Tymora
    * Umberlee

 Lesser deities

    * Auril
    * Deneir
    * Eldath
    * Lliira
    * Loviatar
    * Malar
    * Milil
    * Shaundakul
    * Talon
    * Tiamat
    * Torm
    * Waukeen


    * Finder Wyvernspur:
    * Garagos
    * Gargauth
    * Gwaeron Windstrom
    * Hoar
    * Jergal
    * Lurue
    * Nobanion
    * Red Knight
    * Savras
    * Sharess
    * Shiallia
    * Siamorphe
    * Ulutiu
    * Uthgar
    * Valkur
    * Velsharoon

I do not need information of specific racial deities as I already have those books.

Other Information needed:

Any and all LoTN Lore
            -Events (Like the wars)

Please keep this information perspective, not how your character saw it.

Here are the links to the books that are listed in the library as of right now.

Book list 1
Book list 2
Book list 3

I will probably add to this list over the next few weeks.

Player's Corner / Hard at Work
« on: July 10, 2008, 10:55:06 PM »
Recently, Flavius and I have been working on a Halfling Hamlet complete with a Temple for Yondalla and feasting area for Safeday events. Here are some sneak peeks at the upcoming area.

Story Board / Just for Evan Swift
« on: June 29, 2008, 04:09:56 PM »
A note would be found sitting on the merchant counter inside Swift Importers.


Love the new shop. Thanks for taking my hideout. Sorry about the door. Come see me and I'll pay you for it.

<3 Lyssa

P.s get stronger locks

The door in question laid broken in the back room leading up the stairs.

General Discussion / My Saturday of Awesomeness
« on: June 25, 2008, 04:55:54 AM »
Zodi's Saturday of Awesomeness

I'm sure many of you won't really care about what I did. But still it's not every weekend you get to see Mummies dancing on stage and playing music.

Zodi's Saturday of Awesomness Photos and Videos

Technical Support / Long load time for forums
« on: June 19, 2008, 07:44:05 PM »
I've noticed since there's been a bunch of posts going on all over the forums that it's taking a long time to load. Sometimes 4 or 5 minutes will pass and it will only get half way done. Is there a reason for this?? Perhaps it needs a clean up?

General Discussion / Oral Surgery
« on: May 23, 2008, 04:34:12 PM »
For those few that know, I had an appointment to have two teeth pulled today. The surgery was a success and I am still rather conscious. Everything is numb but I'm alright.

Thought I would be nice and let people know that I am doing alright.

going to rest now.

General Discussion / Epic Quotes!
« on: February 11, 2008, 01:02:56 AM »
Here is a thread to post some funny funny quotes that you hear in work, or on LoTN or in my case Ventrilo.

This is a true conversation in the LoTN Vent server.

Tails: Hey Zodi what's your video card?
Zodi: Piece of Shit 9000
Tails: Is that an ATI or NVidia?
Zodi and Flav: *Both start laughing*

Tails never ceases to amuse me

Bug Reports / Missing Items
« on: January 12, 2008, 07:33:04 PM »
So I log into my account today and while going through Lyssa's gear I notice a lot her stuff is missing. I have a recent back of the character and all the gear is there so I know I wasn't dreaming anything.

Here is the list:
1 set of Grey Archmage Robes - I was on a run with Shanra and  Haldadae when I obtained these inside the house. I remember this because I was really excited and telling them both that I found something I was dying to get my fingers on.

2 cure critical potions
1 raise dead
1 starlight bow
1 belt of agility +3 given to me by tails after eole playing losing one to Hald's character Ura
1 black rider quill rapier - given to me by Flavius Apollo in exchange for a sharpshadow blade

I then logged on to my other characters, Ariadne didn't have anything missing that I could easily notice, so I went to Vindy.

She is missing the following:
1 starlight bow
1 amulet or something for the necklace slot of intelligence +3
2 staves of defense

I'm not sure if it was because of the oops that required the back up, or if the rumors of hackers in to players accounts are true... but I'm not overly happy about this. A little help please?

Player's Corner / Wintertide?
« on: December 15, 2007, 07:57:58 PM »
Are we having it this year?

If so I'd like to volunteer for setup and maybe helping with some items and "gifts"

Player's Corner / Wintertide?
« on: December 15, 2007, 06:26:03 PM »
Are we having it this year or something else along those line? I'd like to have it, I really enjoyed it last year. I'll even take over preparations for it ^^ *hopeful*

Story Board / The Hard Road
« on: November 16, 2007, 04:04:06 AM »
Looking Down the Road

I been down this road just searching' for the end
It don't go nowhere, it just brings you back again
Leaves you lonely and cold, standin' on the shoulder
But you've come too far to go back home
So you're walkin' on a nowhere road

lyrics from Nowhere Road as performed by Steve Earle


   Borrowed your horse. I'll bring her back. I promise.

Short, sweet and to the point she thought as she placed the note on her bed for Pania to see when she woke. Quietly Lyssa packed a few things that she knew would be handy on her journey. Hoisting the pack up, she moved back to the bed, giving Pania a quick peck on the lips. Lyssa didn't know when she would see her again. If ever.

Lyssa left the apartment without so much as a look back, the door clicking softly behind her. The hall of the Prancing badger was quiet. She glanced to around the darkened hall and made her way to the stair well. Once Lyssa was at the bottom she took note of the empty pub, then made her way out unnoticed.

The day greeted her with a sharp blast of cold air. The wind bit at her face and neck, forcing her to draw her cloak around her tighter. She moved to the stables where Pania's horse, Triumph, had spent the night. Lyssa didn't like the horse, but she could at least tolerate it. Lyssa's decision to borrow Pania's horse had been due to the lack of horses in the area.

As she entered the stables, the smell of hay and horse dung reached her nose. Quietly, she moved to where Triumph stood and climbed up the gate to look at the horse.  Triumph was a huge Arbian, sleek and lithe, almost like the one who rode her.  A coat of pure white, a long, flowing mane and eyes that held a wisdom of their own.  Triumph looked to the hin for a moment, chuffling as she recognized the scent that came from Lyssa.

“We're going on a journey.” Lyssa said to the horse. “I don't like horses so try to not act like one.”

Triumph cocked her head to the side a bit and snorted her response.

“Good. I'm glad we understand each other. Now then, lets get you saddle.”

She opened the gate to let the horse out. After a moment of struggle and not really much help from Triumph, she gave up trying to saddle the horse. Looking around for a way to get up on the horse, her height was really beginning to hinder what she needed to do. Once she managed to get the bit and bridle on the horse she took the reins and led the horse out.

“I don't know how long we're going to be Triumph, but I know it's going to be longer than a week or so. We've got a lot of work to do, I'm depending on you to keep going. I'll take care of you, but I can't promise I will be as affectionate as Panny is.”

Again Triumph snorted, sending a stream of breath from her nostrils.

“You'll have to help me take care of you okay? I don't know much about horses other than they get up and go when you want them to... most times.”  The horse chuffled in response.  It almost sounded like a slight mocking sound, similar again to the Sunite Knightess that was the horse's companion.

The moon was still out, though it was lowering in the sky. Again the wind picked up, forcing Lyssa to shiver as she couldn't hold her cloak tightly and lead Triumph at the same time. Without running, Lyssa moved as fast as her little legs could carry her. Soon she had reached the town of Port Llast, the guards gave her an odd expression as she moved through the streets with the large horse. The destruction from the recent attack could be seen almost everywhere Lyssa turned. As she made her way south, the damage was even more appearant.

The orphange had definently seen it's share of better days. It was nothing more than a pile of rubble. She kept moving silently, her legs taking her to the gates of the city.

"Be careful miss. The brigands are attacking travellers again." The guard at the gate said.
"I'll be fine." Was all she could respond before passing through the gates. Lyssa knew the road to Neverwinter all too well. Voices traveled on the wind to Lyssa's ears.

"Stay here." She told Triumph.

Using the shadows to her advantage she moved with a quick stealth that allowed her sneak up on the voices she heard. Several men and one woman stood around a small fire trying to ward off the chill.

"Bloody cold out isna it," one of the men said.

The others just nodded. The woman looked to each of them and then chuckled.

"Don' ya just love the winta"  She asked almost cheerfully. Her fingers moving to cast a spell.

"Oh yah. You an' yer finger wiggling magic keepin' all the spells to ya self," one of the smaller bandits scoffed.

"Well I've gotta be prepare with something to defend myself." She replied snobbishly.

Lyssa chose that exact time to slam her dagger at the base of the mage womans's back.  Blood spurted from the fresh wound as the mage screamed in pain, finally ending as blood rushed into her throat, cutting the sound forever.  The others took a moment to let what just happened sink in as the mage's body dropped to the ground with a sickening wet bone crunch as blood continued to pour from her body following the life that had just ended.  It was a moment too long, as Lyssa's small legs allowed her to move quickly enough to avoid getting hit. The bandits swung at her, but she only rolled out of the way. One by one the men fell to her dagger, the cuts deep and fatal, until it was just her and the largest of the band of brigands.

"If I were ye, hin," the bandit sneered as he drew a greatsword.  "I best make ye way back 'ome.  'Course, with this, yer 'ome's gonna be six feet under.  'R maybe feedin' the fishes offa the coast."  He held the blade in front of him as his eyes glared at her.  His hatred was more than evident.

"You've gotta catch me first." She countered as she pulled her rapier from it's sheath with a hiss.

Lyssa and the bandit circled each other, both with their weapons in hand. It was only a matter of waiting to see who would make the first move. Sick of waiting the bandit swung the heavy blade at Lyssa. She moved out of it's way quickly. It had begun. Lyssa was going to have to be the quickest she'd ever been. The bandit was slow with the blade and had a hard time keeping up with the quick movements that Lyssa pulled trying to stay out of range of the blade.

Lyssa saw her opening and tumbled forward, weaving her way so that she moved through his legs.  His wide stance didn't help him, as she was suddenly behind him, climbing his back like some motionless rock.  He cried out in pain as she used his pony tail like a grapple line.  Stars in his eyes, she planted herself firmly on his shoulders, holding her blade to his neck.  The bandit didn't move as he gritted his teeth in anger, knowing that if he did, it could very well be his last move, as he felt the point of the blade penetrating his neck.

"You are seriously starting to piss me off." she whispered in his ear. "Now either you can bugger off down the road and tell your little friends to let me pass without being hindered or I take them out just as did here. So then, your choices are really... Live or die"

The bandit knew he had be bested by the hin girl and yielded by dropping his blade tip to the ground.

"Smart man." She said, swinging herself off his back. The man then swung the massive blade to try and hit Lyssa once more. Having sensed that he would pull something like this, she ducked just in time and shifted her stance. Her blade flicked swiftly through the air and she once again tumbled forward. This time she landed between his legs.

"I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice!" She screamed at the bandit, thrusting her blade up before he had a chance to move.  For a brief moment, the bandit saw his life flash before his eyes.  He had no doubt that he was going to die.  But something much, much worse happened.

Like a dog needing to be kept, the bandit would soon begin to feel complacent and somewhat lazy.  That's usually what happens when an animal is fixed.  Incredibly, they'd still be with him, but the thrust of the blade ensured that this bandit would never, ever breed again.

"I did give you a choice." Lyssa said standing again once she had moved away from the now fallen bandit and wiped her blade off on his tunic. She let out a sharp whistle for Triumph to come. The horse trotted over to her glancing around at the mess Lyssa had created, then gave her a look. The hin was covered in blood from the fight, having only a few minor cuts and scraps of her own, once more she took the reins and started for Neverwinter City.  Triumph chuffled, shaking her head, almost as though showing her disapproval.

"Don't look at me like that. I gave him a choice. It's his own fault he didn't listen to me," she replied to the horse. "He should be grateful I did that much."


"I need ta use Callipso an' there ain't nuthin' gonna stop me," Shani Wennemein said as her brother simply watched.  He knew that when his sister had made up her mind, there was nothing that could stop her.  Sywyn had tried, and failed.  He was a knight of Tyr, and he had failed to change his sister's mind.  "'Sides.  What I'm gonna do'd be purty good.  I'm goin' ta save someone's life."

"I understand that Shani," he replied with a sigh.  "But must you take Callipso?"

Shani merely shrugged and smiled as she readied the saddle.  "Oh, c'mon.  Cally likes me.  An' y'all don't 'xpect me ta buy some nag what gonna run first sign o' trouble do ya?"  She finished preparing Callipso's saddle and reached over to pat her brother's cheek.  "'Sides, this'll give ya more time ta spend with Vindy."  She smiled as she saw his cheeks turn a slight shade of red.  "Callipso trusts me," she said as the horse nudged her shoulder.  "An' I trust him."

"I think he's looking for a treat, actually," Sywyn seemed to mumble as he shook his head.  "You feed him enough apples."

The lithe elf expertly climbed into the saddle, sitting tall and looked to her brother before expertly coaxing the horse to move.  She pulled back on the reigns just slightly and grinned, nodding to Sywyn.  "See?  Horse an' rider, movin' as one."

Again he shook his head and sighed.  "At least tell me where you are going.  If there is anything that would happen, at least I will have a place to start looking for you."

"We leavin' from Neverwinter," Shani said with a confident nod.  "Ya kin start from there."  She prodded the horse gently, and together they rode down the path at a slow pace.  Shani called out over her shoulder as Callipso almost seemed to know exactly where he was going.  "Ifn we don't come back in a year, send the posse!"

Sywyn shook his head as he watched and merely whispered to himself.  "Take care of her, Callipso.  She can be strong headed at times, and she will need you to be there."


Ari'Kavain silently flew over the gates of Neverwinter City. From the casual onlookers, he'd have appeared as a bird overhead in the night sky. Looking down upon the lone citizens still wandering the streets, Ari glided around the church to a secluded alley in the dock area. The sewers wasn't quite his first choice, but ever since the recent happenings, many more sailors were wandering about the docks.

One of the dockhands overheard an obnoxious hissing sound coming from the sewers. He called to his mates, peering into the smelling gates.

"Waddaya suppose tha' was? Think one of them nasty tree-huggers are tryin' somethin' on th' city?" he asked. His friend merely shrugged in response, returning their attention to the sewer gate. After a minute or so of boredom, the men turned and resumed their duties. Quietly, the lone elf slid through the wide bars of the sewers, coughing softly.

"Last time I'll ever try that," he muttered. He climbed over the short wall, his eyes softly changing as they adjusted in the moonlight. The dockworkers were busy tonight, and paid little to no heed to the "tailed fiend". Ari headed for the central part of the city.

The streets were next to completely empty, an eerie experience since the city was wide awake just hours ago. He scanned around, hoping someone was earlier than him.

He sighed. "Goin' to be a long night," he muttered softly. He leaned back against the lightpost, glancing up and down the road. He rubbed his eyes as a few thoughts began to run through his mind again, trying to push them back.

It wasn't long before the sound of horses hooves clomped along heavily on the road.  They didn't sound tired, the horse wasn't ridden at a full gallop.  But they did sound like the hooves of an animal that knew the first leg of it's destination was complete.  The horse and rider came into view, and the pale elf, Shani Wennemein grinned as she saw Ari.  "Howdy!" she called out in a gleeful voice.  Callipso chuffled lightly as if to add his own voice to the greeting.

Ari looked up, spooked as he just realized Shani was there. It took a moment for it to register, then he smiled softly. "'ey there!" he called back to Shani. His eyes drifted down to the horse, noting the artistic work on the saddle. "... I guess ya 'borrowed' him from your brother?" he said, smirking.

"Borrowed?" she said with a chuckle as she ran her fingers through Callipso's mane.  "Hell, I tol' Sywyn I were takin' 'im."  She brought the stead to a stop and dismounted in expert fashion, as though she'd been riding horses all her life.  Callipso chuffling softly, nudging her as if to say 'alright, we're here.  Give me my apple.'

Ari looked up the road again, toward the northern gate. "So how much longer 'til Lys gets here y'think?"

Shani looked around as she rooted around in her pack.  "She prolly comin' from the Prancin' Badger," she replied as she found an apple and held it out for Callipso.  "Gonna be a tough haul on the road," she said chuckling as the horse quickly gobbled the apple.  "Never know what she gonna meet on the road b'tween the Badger an' here."

Another set of hooves and a smaller pair of footsteps moved across the cobble from the north. Even in the dark, her red hair stood out.  Even as a hin, Lyssa was very recognizable.  Just as the horse that she lead, the bridle and saddle depicting the etchings of Sune on it, just as Callipso had the etchings of Tyr.  "Sorry I'm late." Lyssa said, approaching Ari and Shani. "Had a small problem with a big choice."

"How big, now?" Ari said, looking to the new arrival. As Triumph was lead to stand beside Callipso, the male seemed to perk his ears and chuffled to the other horse.  Triumph merely whinnied and shook her head, then inspected Callipso for a moment.  She nudged his neck lightly, then looked to the three elves... rather two elves and one hin, almost as if to say 'Could you excuse us for a moment.'  Ari looked to the two horses with perked ears, watching curiously.

"Hey, none of that now." Lyssa said, pulling Triumph away from Callipso. "You're on my watch horse. Do that shit on your own time." Triumph chuffled loudly, as if annoyed and reminding the small hin that there was such a time that she felt like pulling two people apart.  "The problem wasn't that big. But bigger than me. Needless to say there won't be anymore problems from him or his loins." She said grinning sadistically.

Ari blinked, shifting a bit uncomfortably as Shani just snorted and shook her head.  "Been a few times I felt like doin' jist thet very thing ta a few bandits.  Bastards ain't gots no right 'n the road, ya ask me."  Callipso chuffled and nudged Shani.  She jumped and looked back to the horse and mumbled.

"Wanna try that again? In Common?" Lyssa said to Shani with an amused grin.

The pale elf looked around for a moment, then in a very quiet voice, she asked, "Whut?"  It took a moment to sink in, but finally, she remembered her lessons while the three sat on the beach.  "Oh.  Yeah."  She cleared her throat and tried again.  "Bandits don' have... any right ta... to be on the road.  In my opinion."  She sighed and mumbled again, just as Callipso whinnied, almost laughing.

"Let's go." Lyssa chuckled and started towards the docks.  The trio, and their mounts, had a long journey to Waterdeep ahead of them, as they would need the assistance of a powerful mage.

{Just an off topic note, this is the first multiplayer notepad session that came off MoonEdit. Tails, Flav and I worked on this together... at the same time. Many thanks to Flav for his wonderful edit skills and thanks to Tails for helping the story along.}

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