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A Whole Bunch of Questions!


1)  Is LotN online or offline?

2)  If it's online, then what's the IP#?

3)  If it's online, then why isn't it showing up on

4)  Is LotN still compatible with old-school NWN, or is it only compatible with the Beamdog version(s)?

5)  Has the server stability issue been fixed?  The reason why I took my prolonged "sabbatical" is because I got tired of editing my LotN Desktop shortcut to change the IP# every three or four days.  The server's apparent disappearance kept me offline from there.

Thank you.

It is online, on the Beamdog version. I kept it active for another 10 days after the transfer, but it remained empty.
I can turn it back on in the regular nwn, but people have moved to the beamdog version, where the IP doesn't matter because it is in the server list instead.

I apologize for the bad stability of the server. I've had a series of battles with my ISP, and in the end they simply shrug when they fail to maintain my IP, despite this issue. And ironically, the IP has been more stable since a few months back.

Hope that answers things.


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