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Save the joules!
« on: September 29, 2011, 07:45:44 PM »
(FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm trying to get you to vote for something that benefits me - if you hate that sort of self-promotion, stop reading now kthx.)

Some of you know that I went back to college last year. I never finished my computer science degree the first time through, and decided it was finally time to do it. Working as the head scripter here at LotN inspired me to pursue a degree in Simulation & Game Development. I'm still a couple years from graduation, but a few months ago I landed a part-time job writing an iPhone app.

The app is called JouleBug, and it's all about helping you save money on your power bill, as well as taking a little stress off the planet. Our brand-new release is available in the Apple App Store this week AND we're entered in the "Apps for the Environment" challenge, held by the EPA.

I'm pretty proud of the work that I and my co-workers have done, and would like you to take a look and give us your vote! Voting takes less than four minutes at and must be completed by Oct 7th.  Make sure you click the "Vote" button - sharing on Facebook or Twitter doesn't count towards the contest (although sharing is appreciated!) In fact, encourage your friends to do the same if you are inclined.
If you have an iPhone, the app is free so head to the App Store for a copy of JouleBug. And if you have another kind of smartphone, well, be patient - we’ll get there. You can keep up with us at
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