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Hi everyone, I'm whitekite. Nice to meet you.

I've wanted to make something like this for a while. I want to make a NWN module that is basically a multiplayer campaign, but the key details are controlled by a GM. The catch is, the GM will be playing alongside the rest of the players, secretly altering the course of the campaign. Of course everyone will know who the GM is in advance, but who knows what kind of mayhem he'll stir up?

The scenario is your typically zombie apocalypse. Some people are at an inn and suddenly there's like a million zombies EVERYWHERE. Get set, go!

It will play more like a video game than a standard NWN module.

Here's the brainstorming I've done so far. Skip to the very bottom of the post if you don't feel like reading a crapload of stuff.

Something’s amiss at the Weeping Willow Inn
This is a role-playing scenario in which an unlikely cast of characters gets pitted in a battle for their lives against an endless onslaught of zombies. They must use their wits to overcome any immediate dangers and eventually find a permanent escape from the hell that their lives are about to become. I hope to make several ways that the scenario can be completed. One of them is TPK, but hopefully it is not so difficult that this happens. Unless you are really stupid.

This is not DnD. I borrowed many names from DnD, but I have modified the mechanics in such a way that the DnD rules are more or less irrelevant.

I suck at finishing things. I reserve the right to give up on this at any time.

It’s just another evening at the Weeping Willow Inn. The lobby is bustling as always with various travelers swapping stories and sharing drinks at the counter, traveling artists performing in hopes for getting some coin from the inn’s customers, and worn-out hunters just taking a break from the exhaustion of everyday life. As the sun sets, an unfamiliar moaning is heard in the distance.

I will explain some things.

100% accuracy
Besides rolls of 1, all attacks will land. There is no AC. There is only damage reduction and regeneration.

Role-based damage
A sword in the hands of a warrior might do 40 damage per hit. A sword in the hands of a GM might do 10 damage per hit. It will not be significantly based on the weapon’s base damage.

Hit points
Around 100-200 zombies and 500-800 for players. I haven’t really decided yet. I’d rather player health be super high so that the immediate threat of death is not very high during combat, but over time you will get worn out and have to find some way to retreat and recover yourself.

Quantity of zombies
Zombies will die fast. But there will be a LOT OF THEM. This is part role-playing and part KILL THEM ALL KILL THEM ALL-playing. You will probably have to play somewhat strategically.

Almost everyone will have some way to do fire damage. If you don’t have a specific ability, you can use a torch. If you hit a zombie with fire, it will ignite. Ignited zombies can ignite other zombies. Ignited zombies can ignite trees and other props. Ignited zombies deal additional fire damage to players. Ignited props can damage the players. Have fun giving into your deepest desires.

Player-based plot progression
The GM will both be participating as one of the characters and advancing the plot. He will do this through the use of a variety of items I will give him. He will be able to discretely spawn encounters or natural disasters without the “activates item’s special power” bullshit.

When you reach 0 hit points, you are “knocked out” or “unconscious,” not dead. This is mainly an IC thing, as you are functionally dead. I just don’t like explaining how you raise people from the dead.

There is no magic.

There are no experience points.

There is no resting. There will be ways to speed up regeneration, though, like starting a campfire in a safe zone or whatever.

As I want to control the dynamics of the scenario’s combat as well as put some kind of continuity in the setting, each player will not create their own character. Instead, they will choose from a cast of preformed characters that I have created. This is mostly to give me control over character roles and abilities.

I’ve given each character a name and a vague occupation. Names are tentative, as I came up with most of them on the spot. The background is mainly to explain why they have the skills that they do, but obviously as this is a role-playing scenario you are free to modify your background as you see fit.

Each “role” has a male and female version. Their statistics and abilities are more or less identical, as the male/female versions are for flavor only.

Game Master
The purpose of the GM is primarily to facilitate the timely progression of the scenario. As the scenario is time-sensitive, and each group is likely to have their own individual pacing, the GM is there to ensure the group has a heart-pounding experience without being too overwhelmed by the onslaught of undead.
Male GM: Olaf, the barkeep
Female GM: Sandra, the waitress
GM abilities:
Regeneration aura: Years of providing hospitality to weary travelers has granted the GM an aura that makes those around him relieved and comfortable. As long as the GM is conscious, all nearby conscious party members heal +2 health/round.
Resuscitate: After dealing with countless drunkards, awakening someone who has been knocked unconscious by zombies is a trivial task. Revive fallen party member with 1 health. Unlimited uses.
Adrenaline rush: The GM can give the entire party a boost to movement speed for 60 seconds. Unlimited uses, but this is mainly for really hairy situations.
Advance plot: The GM will have the ability to control the spawn time of zombies as well as various natural disasters. This is out of character.

The warrior is the group’s frontline defense, being able to take hits like nobody’s business. Good with all melee weapons, including any exotic ones the group may stumble upon. Bad with bows. Good damage output, but can only focus on a small amount of targets at a time. Great for blocking doorways.
Male warrior: Omar, the ex-soldier
Female warrior: Catherine, the town guard
Warrior abilities:
Damage reduction: As a battle-hardened veteran, the warrior is able to shrug off the pain from weaker attacks. Damage reduction 3/-.
Regeneration: The warrior heals +1 health/round. This stacks with the GM’s regeneration aura.
Melee weapon focus: When wielding any melee weapon, the warrior gains a bonus to damage as well as the ability to slightly damage nearby targets on each attack.
Just a flesh wound!: Even when struck down, if you have the will to fight, you can go on! When the warrior’s health is reduced to 0 or less, he has a 50% chance to revive with 10% of his health restored.

The hunter is the group’s archer. He is also experienced in combat, so he is still proficient with melee weapons, but not to the extent of the warrior. The hunter is able to utilize the various arrows the group finds such as flaming arrows, which will light zombies on fire.
Male hunter: Elk, the hunter
Female hunter: Nari, the huntress
Hunter abilities:
Damage reduction: Like the warrior, the hunter is battle-hardened. Damage reduction 1/-.
Regeneration: The hunter heals +1 health/round. This stacks with the GM’s regeneration aura.
Ranged weapon focus: The hunter’s arrows deal additional damage.
Set traps: The hunter is able to ensnare his enemies by setting a trap. Requires trap tools.

The performer, while not having good tanking or damage abilities, proves invaluable to a group with his inspiring aura, greatly boosting the effectiveness of the warrior and hunter.
Male performer: Jarvis, the traveling bard
Female performer: Rizette, the traveling dancer
Performer abilities:
Inspiring aura: The performer is able to inspire confidence in his allies. Nearby allies gain bonus damage and an additional attack.
Lucky bastard: It’s time for the sidekick to shine! The performer has a 10% chance to get a headshot when using a sling, instantly killing the target.

The alchemist is a master of potion concoction and use, being able to utilize the raw materials the group may come across to create various potions that either improve the abilities of the imbiber or create devastating effects when thrown.
Male alchemist: Matthias, the apothecary
Female alchemist: Senna, the chemist
Alchemist abilities:
Create potion: The alchemist can create potions at a workbench.
Healing potion: Heals the drinker for 50% of his health.
Greater healing potion: Fully heals the drinker.
Invisibility potion: The drinker becomes invisible for 1 minute. Good for scouting or escaping.
Stoneskin potion: Bestows 20/- damage reduction for 500 damage or 5 minutes.
Volatile flask: Explodes for 100 fire damage and lights zombies on fire.
Acid flask: Explodes for 50 acid damage and causes targets to take double damage from physical attacks.
Oil flask: Drenches area in oil, making targets more vulnerable to fire. Deals 50 fire damage to targets that are already burning.
Bucket of water: Soaks a target, putting out any current fires and reducing further damage from fire. Why would you ever want to do that?
Wake-me-up: It smells like a combination of pig sweat and horse urine. Revives an unconscious ally with 20% health.

The engineer hails from a strange foreign land where machines are commonplace. Utilizes various mechanical devices. Differs from the alchemist in that the engineer starts the scenario completely equipped instead of gradually finding materials, but the devices are limited and cannot be replenished over the course of the scenario.
Male engineer: Archie, the eccentric
Female engineer: Lassie, the crazy
Engineer abilities:
Land mine: Explode for 150 fire damage when triggered. Lights zombies on fire. Limited quantity.
Cherry bombs: Explode for 100 fire damage. Lights zombies on fire. Limited quantity.
Lightning gun: Electrocutes a line of targets for 100 electrical damage. Deals double damage during rain or against soaked targets. Limited charges.
Lightning rod: Plants a lightning rod that attracts lightning bolts during the rain. Lightning bolts instantly destroy zombies. Limited quantity.
Ice grenade: Explodes for 20 cold damage and freezes zombies. Frozen targets will thaw from fire or shatter from a melee strike. Limited quantity.
Taser: Electrocutes a nearby enemy for minor damage. Deals double damage during rain or against soaked targets. Unlimited.

You may notice that some characters seem pretty deficient in combat. The idea is that the combat-capable characters kill stuff while the others look for ways to advance the plot. We’ll see if that actually happens, or if the performer just keeps trying to get headshots.

Also, all this stuff is subject to change. I haven’t even started working on this yet.

Okay, so I'm not looking for help because I'm perfectly capable of doing all this myself. Rather, I'm wondering if there's anyone interested in playing this with me when it's finished. There's no point if the campaign never gets played, and I don't exactly have a bunch of friends chilling out around campus with Neverwinter Nights 1. So basically if I can get enough people here who are interested in messing around with zombies, I'll start working on it. Otherwise I won't waste my time.

Also feedback.



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turn undead...

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Drewskie wins!
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