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Broken Summons Token


The Belker summons token from Drolene's Mixing Pot gives you the wrong thing (air elemental).

Also the Quasit summon seems pretty powerful for a level 1 summon.

Well, considering the badger and wolverine having more than twice the health of the quasit, which has no damage reduction, I don't really think it's too powerful. Most monsters at that level will kill it pretty fast. A bigger problem, however, is the small lightning elemental, which has all the typical elemental abilities, plus an AC of 19, 26 HP, and a +8 AB... Which is about four times as powerful as all the other elementals.

Unfortunately summons run the gambit of powerful to weak and are in no way balanced.  Fixing that is on the list of things that need to be done but no one wants to do.  (At least its on mine  ;D)


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