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Re: Screenshots and Love
« Reply #45 on: February 19, 2017, 05:56:21 PM »

That's a lot of spiders.   :o

Harpoon spiders may look all big and tough and spiky and scary, but they're creampuffs.  Any one of those chitines puts up a bigger fight than those mega-spiders!

Maybe I'm just punching them right in the Kryptonite or something.   :P


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Re: Screenshots and Love
« Reply #46 on: February 19, 2017, 06:23:38 PM »

Nice Lolthan temple you guys have here.  Mind if I trash it?

...yeah, I guess that killing their boss first might be a good idea.

Caullum Drowtaker.  She takes drow.

She takes drow what?  She takes drow out?  She takes drow out for ice cream?  She takes drow with a grain of salt?

Your neonymic begs for for a little more clarification, Caullum!

WHAT?!?  You're the leader of a Lolthan cult, and you were a bit of a challenge to crush, yet all you have for my spoils is a single lousy Gold Necklace?!?

That's more like it!

You know what?  I like you little annoying bug people.  Let's call a truce.  Maybe we can even be friends!

...yeah, I didn't think it would work out neither.   :P
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Re: Screenshots and Love
« Reply #47 on: February 20, 2017, 12:36:29 AM »
Actually, if you check the description of the statue, they actually defaced it. I think they're anti-Lolth.
"Patrolling the North almost makes you wish for an Aurilite winter."


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Re: Screenshots and Love
« Reply #48 on: Yesterday at 04:16:31 AM »

Despite my best efforts, Marrelina leveled up by fighting stuff.

And at only 3 XP a pop, that took a lot of dead chitines.

(Marrelina uses Subdual Mode a lot, but critters turn out just as dead, alas.  I still like to imagine that some of them survive, albeit with horrific concussions, at least four broken bones each, perhaps some blown-out eardrums and a few new scars to remember her by.  Now if only the critters would start fleeing in Stealth Mode while saying "Gods help us, it's her again!"   8) )
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Another Fallen Tower Raid
« Reply #49 on: Yesterday at 09:06:13 PM »

So Marrelina slipped into the Fallen Tower's cellar again, and this time she met a few of these mutant scorpions.

It was a funny skirmish.  Marrelina couldn't kill the scorpions; whether she was using her Devil Claw gauntlets, her Yellow Rose gauntlets with the +3 Melee Attack Bonus or the kama with the +3 Enhancement and 1-6 Electrical damage, what little damage made it through their Damage Resistance/Reduction was quickly eaten up by their Regeneration.  And the scorpions couldn't kill Marrelina, neither; she's immune to all poisons, and what little damage made it through her Damage Resistance and Damage Reduction was quickly eaten up by her Regeneration.  (Her Barely Injured status there is from her accidentally hitting the fire trap while she was leaving the cellar.  Yes, the one that does 100-odd Fire Damage when you step on it.  She's just that tough, okay?)

So after about ten minutes of watching Marrelina dancing with the scorpions and not really going anywhere, I finally said, "Aw, to hell with it" and left...but not before Marrelina helped herself to a couple of the treasure chests.  Hey, it's not ninja-looting if the enemies are well aware of your presence and actively trying to stab you while you're kicking open the treasure chest, right?

So then, after leaving those two immortals among the kitchen staff to handle the sudden influx of mutant scorpions into their kitchen, Marrelina went over her questionably obtained spoils:

Hmm.  Really spiffy shop food there.

More really spiffy shop food!

Why am I sensing a dragon-slaying theme to the Fallen Tower loot?

Even more spiffy shop food?  Hell, no!  This ring is too spiffy to be shop food!  I'm keeping this.

(Marrelina still has it, too.  :)  )

So who wants to come along on a Fallen Tower raid some time?   8)


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